Collaboration with experts

We work with prestigious associations in the sphere of health:

  • Logotipo Asociación Española de Pediatría
  • Logotipo Sociedad Española de Nutrición Comunitaria
  • Logotipo Fundación Española del Corazón

We develop products tailored to your requirements.

We innovate to offer you alternatives that meet different needs and lifestyle trends. For example:

  • Reduced-fat pâtés: with 50% less fat than standard pâtés.
  • Biscuits with no added sugars.
  • Biscuits enriched with wheat bran fibre.
  • Biscuits with beta-glucans from oat bran.
  • Patés Sólo Natural.
  • Aneto cooking stock from organic farming.
  • Aneto cooking stock that is low in salt and that has no added salt.

We adapt to your
nutritional needs

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